Mar 27, 2023  

LGLS - 632 Health Care Fraud and Abuse: Contracting & Compliance

(3 hrs.)

This course will provide students with a foundation in health care fraud and abuse statutes, regulations and agency and industry guidance. Students will explore the principal federal health care fraud and abuse laws: the federal anti-kickback statute (“AKS”), the physician self-referral law, commonly known as the “Stark” Law, Civil Monetary Penalties Law (“CMPL”) and the civil false claims act (FCA). Students will examine compliance principles within the fraud and abuse framework and apply these principles to common compliance vulnerabilities and challenges, including fair market value considerations. This course will delve into fraud and abuse compliance failures that serve as a predicate for FCA and other agency enforcement actions.  Pending Faculty Approval. Only available to MLS students starting April 2019 and later. Introduction to Regulation & Compliance LGLS 601