Mar 27, 2023  

LGLS - 641 Electronically Stored Information - eDiscovery

(3 hrs.)

The ubiquitous use of computers, the Internet and Internet-related technology has dramatically changed the litigation landscape. Information sources are growing rapidly. The identification, collection, preservation and production of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) in response to discovery (“eDiscovery”) are some of the most challenging problems in litigation today. This course provides a basic understanding of the legal and practical parameters of eDiscovery and electronic case management. This course examines the legal and technological issues surrounding the use of electronically stored information during the litigation process. Students review and evaluate efforts made by professional groups and the courts to create reasonable parameters allowing parties to comply with their discovery obligations and ethical responsibilities in the adversary system. Pending Faculty Approval. Only available to MLS students starting April 2019 and later.