2022-2023 WCL Catalog 
    May 28, 2024  
2022-2023 WCL Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

LAW - 661 International Business Transactions

(3 hrs.)

International Business Transactions (IBT) provides students with a basic introduction to how the U.S. and international legal systems engage in international business transactions. After providing some introductory concepts involving international law and lawyering, the bulk of the course offers an introductory survey to multiple forms of international commerical transactions. While no single transaction is covered in great depth on the merits, the survey offers introduces a broad array of cross-border transactions. The types of transactions that may be covered in IBT include: international sale of goods, letters of credit, agents and distributors, licensing agreements, and forms of international investment, including joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, concession agreements, and international lending.